Kris has a wide range of modelling balloons and as such can make a large number of models.  He often asks children (and adults) what they want and if he hasn't made a particular model before will at least give it a go!!


Kris Katchit entertains his audience

Kris doesn't just make balloon models, he interacts with his audience and turns the whole situation into one of fun and amazement. Kris makes a wide range of 1 and 2 balloon models as giveaways and while do so might balance balloons on his nose or may borrow objects (balls, soft toys etc) from the children and juggle with them.  


Kris Katchit entertains

Kris teaches teenagers to balance a balloon

Kris Katchit balances a balloon on his nose

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Kris Katchit

Kris Katchit, medieval jester

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