Kris can provide walkabout entertainment for any situation.  He carries a range of props ranging from juggling balls and clubs, to some more obscure items such as cup and ball and toothbrushes!!
He can work on the ground, or on stilts with a wide range of characters and costumes.


Kris Katchit at Birchover Carnival

Kris is a bright, colourful, cheery performer who interacts with people of all ages creating fun and laughter wherever he goes.
Kris Katchit

Kris Katchit


Kris Katchit brolly balance

Kris has a wide range of costumes suitable for any event from local carnivals to corporate Christmas parties.

He will often use items belonging to the people he meets such a umbrellas to balance on his chin (even while on his stilts) to footballs which he can either spin on his finger or incorporate into a juggling routine.


Kris Katchit entertains with the diabolo


Kris Katchit is Jumping Jack Frost

Kris has a range of stiltwalking costumes and characters including Jumping Jack Frost (on bouncy stilts) and the alien depicted here.

Other costumes include:
Roman, Cowboy, Victorian, Traditional, Ringmaster, 
Uncle Sam, Santa, Gimp, Pirate.......

Kris Katchit as an alien stiltwalker


Kris Katchit alien

Kris Katchit pirate

Kris Katchit as Uncle Sam stiltwalker

Kris Katchit, glow juggling fro Framework - the Big Sleepout 2013

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Kris Katchit

Kris Katchit medieval jester

Kris Katchit on the bed of nails

Kris Katchit balloon modeller

Kris Katchit circus workshop leader

Kris Katchit can work with other performers