Kris is a well known Medieval Jester. having performed at weddings and banquets all around the country.  He has been the Court Jester for The Kingdom of Fantaysia, the biggest and best organiser of Medieval Events in the country for the past 5 years.


Kris Katchit jester looks down from above

Kris often begins a Medieval event by Meeting and Greeting the guests on his stilts.  He uses traditional peg or Chinese stilts which are 3ft 6inches high, making him an imposing figure at 9 feet tall.
He interacts with guests and even juggles with either balls or clubs whilst on his stilts. There are not many places Kris can't go on his stilts, including through low doorways and into rooms where he can not even stand up straight!!! 

Kris Katchit stiltwalking jester


Kris interacts with all the guests at an event from the youngest to the eldest.

Kris Katchit entertains a child at a wedding

Kris Katchit juggles at a wedding

Kris Katchit demonstrates the cup ad ball to a gentleman at a wedding


Kris Katchit balances  chair on his chin

Kris Katchit juggles over a volunteer

Kris Katchit, jester, walks on a bed of broken glass

During the banquet, Kris can entertain with a mixture of impromptu items such as balancing objects on his nose or chin.
He usually performs 1 or 2 set shows featuring audience participation, games, juggling and even lying on the bed of nails or walking on broken glass if required.


Kris Katchit uses fire poi

If it is required, Kris can finish off the entertainment with a display of fire. This normally last around 10 minutes and features:
club swinging, juggling, poi, fire eating and body burning. This may be extended by adding some juggling with glow balls and glow clubs.

Kris Katchit juggles fire torches

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Kris Katchit

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ris Katchit on the bed of nails

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